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Trauma Therapy Service

Trauma Therapy Service

Welcome to our Trauma Therapy service, where our experienced psychologists provide comprehensive support to individuals navigating the complex aftermath of traumatic experiences. Our approach integrates evidence-based modalities to address the profound impact of trauma on mental and emotional well-being.


Our therapists specialize in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), a powerful method proven effective in processing traumatic memories and promoting adaptive coping. Ego State Therapy is employed to explore and harmonize different aspects of the self fragmented by trauma, fostering integration and a more cohesive sense of identity. Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Trauma delves into unconscious patterns, promoting self-awareness and facilitating lasting healing.


Incorporating Polyvagal-informed interventions, our trauma therapy service recognizes the role of the autonomic nervous system in trauma responses, promoting regulation and safety. Our dedicated psychologists create a safe and empathetic space for individuals to embark on a transformative journey towards resilience and empowerment. Discover our Trauma Therapy service, where we are committed to guiding you towards reclaiming a sense of wholeness and well-being.

I offer dedicated support to psychotherapists, aiming to enrich your professional journey. I provide a collaborative space for therapists to engage in reflective discussions, enhance their clinical skills, and receive tailored guidance to elevate their practice.


As your consultant, I am here to facilitate case consultations, offering fresh perspectives and assisting you in refining your therapeutic approach when faced with challenging cases. I am committed to supporting your ongoing professional development, helping you stay informed about the latest therapeutic modalities, and providing guidance on ethical considerations.


In addition, our Consultation Service serves as a platform for you to discuss self-care strategies, navigate professional challenges, and foster a sense of community within your practice. Whether you are a seasoned practitioner seeking advanced insights or a newer therapist navigating the complexities of the field, I am here to facilitate your growth, enrich your practice, and contribute to your overall professional well-being.

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